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Executive Board Positions – Elected by Membership

PRESIDENT - Preside over all meetings of Membership, Board meetings, maintain a working knowledge of club activities, serve on the various committees and be an advocate of ABS.

1st VICE PRESIDENT - Assist the President, work with Members of Executive Board and committee chairs, and responsible for Welcomes and Farewells.

2nd VICE PRESIDENT - Organize and plan the monthly luncheons, to include setting up and working with vendors, coordinating with Reservations and Hospitality.

SECRETARY - Record and post minutes of Board Meetings, report forms to Installation Commander in timely fashion, record all Board votes.  In charge of creating the email roster for the Board Members and keeping it updated along with a master list of ABS email addresses and passwords. Responsible for checking the Post Office Box as well as the main ABS email address and responding to inquiries and forwarding emails to appropriate Board Members.

TREASURER -  Primary signer of checks for ABS, prepare monthly reports as well as yearly budget, deposit and collect money.

PARLIAMENTARIAN - Advise President and Members on parliamentary procedure, oversee voting and election procedures.

*All board positions require a commitment to attend Board Meetings and monthly Meetings, in addition to performing the duties of the office.

Committees: Chairperson Appointed by President

BITS N BRAGG NEWSLETTER – Prepare monthly publication online delivered via email to Membership.

BRAGG UNIQUE BOUTIQUE – Responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the BUB.

HISTORIAN – Attend events and record the history through photos. Provide pictures as needed for other committees as well as social media and maintain scrapbooks and directories.

HOSPITALITY – Work with 2ndVice President to coordinate with the themes, decorates for all events including but not limited to luncheons.  Welcomes Members at events and plans the Newcomer’s Welcome Lunch/Brunch.

INTERNAL CLUBS  – Recruit internal club leaders, promote clubs to Members, assist club leaders with Evite accounts, regularly monitor ABS website to add new Members to club accounts.   Provide info on activities for Newsletter and Facebook.

MEMBERSHIP – Coordinate the September Super Sign-Up Membership Drive, oversee Membership sign up at monthly luncheons, maintain Membership roster.

PUBLICITY – Create and provide posters, press releases and flyers for all things related to ABS, maintain and update social media and website.

PROPERTY – Purchase, request, rent and maintain inventory of all property.

RESERVATIONS – Create and distribute invites for all events, receive reservations and meal selections, if applicable, for all events, prepare nametags for all Members.   

SCHOLARSHIP – Prepare and update applications for scholarships, publicize scholarships, pick selection committee and plan recognition ceremony with Welfare chair. 

SPRING FUNDRAISER – Oversee ABS Spring Fundraiser Auction

TOUR OF HOMES – Set up and organize homes for Members to tour (during the holidays).

VENDOR – Send out applications, collect, vet and coordinate the vendors for the luncheons. Work with the 2nd Vice President and Reservations to coordinate the luncheons. Support the Membership chair for Super Sign Up and Yule Mart chair to include filling vendor spots and supporting the vendors at those events.

VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR - Attend OPOC course and keep record of all volunteer hours via VMIS, prepare certificates and arrange for appropriate awards, create and maintain a volunteer schedule for ABS events via the ABS website. Coordinate with other non-profits in the community to provide opportunities for Members to give back through donation drives or outreach projects

WELFARE - Develop a donation request form, evaluate all requests and follow up and make sure all money is being used appropriately. Plan a grant recipient ceremony with Scholarship chair. 

YULE MART– Oversee ABS Yule Mart

*All committee positions require a commitment to attend monthly Board Meetings and monthly luncheons, in addition to performing the duties of the office.
© 2022  *Our organization is not endorsed by DoD or the Army and this is a non-federal entity; It is not part of the Department of Defense or any of its components and has no governmental status.

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