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If you are interested in consigning, please read through the 2023 Consignor Contract below. 

If you accept these terms, you may apply in the form down below.

2023 Consignor Contract

  • The BUB accepts quality, handcrafted items with a focus on, but not limited to; items specific to North Carolina, Fort Bragg, and Fort Bragg military units for consignment.
  • All merchandise is vetted at the discretion of the BUB Committee. The BUB reserves the right to refuse any item for any reason. Photos of consignment items with prices must be emailed to for consideration by the committee.
  • The consignor is responsible for adherence to all applicable copyright laws.
  • It is the consignor’s responsibility to notify the BUB Consignor Coordinator of any address or email changes.If multiple attempts have been made to contact the consignor via email, phone, and/or text for any reason with no response after 30 days, the BUB reserves the right to terminate the consignor contact and all items will become property of the BUB.
  • The consignor will provide a detailed list of all items/prices to be consigned on the Consignment Inventory Sheet provided by the BUB.The BUB will assign each consignor a consignor number and each item a SKU for use with Square. 
  • Merchandise will be consigned for a minimum of 90 days, with the exception of seasonal items as discussed below. At the end of the 90-day period, the BUB retains the option to leave the items on the sales floor or return items to the consignor.
  • Seasonal items may be held for less than 90 days at the discretion of the BUB. Approximate Seasonal/Holiday Consignment Dates:

Valentine’s Day:          Jan. 5 – Feb. 28    

Patrick’s Day:            Feb .15 – March 31

Easter:                          March 1 – April 15

4th of July:                  June 1 – July 15   

Halloween:                      Oct. 1 – Nov. 15

Thanksgiving:                    Nov. 1 – Dec. 7

Christmas:                         Dec. 1 – Jan. 15

Spring: March – May

Summer:  June – August

Fall:  September – November

Winter:  December - February

  • All items returned to the consignor at the end of the 90-day period may be: (1) picked up by the consignor within 2 weeks of withdrawal notice, (2) donated to the BUB, or (3) mailed to the consignor via USPS with the consignor being responsible for return shipping fees.Items not picked up within two (2) weeks’ of being notified to withdrawal will become the property of the BUB.
  • The consignor is responsible for all shipping costs to and from the BUB.
  • Consignors may end their contract at any time for any reason by emailing the consignor coordinator and provide at least two (2) weeks’ notice to pull items.  There is no refund of the Consignor Annual Fee.
  • All items are consigned completely at the consignor’s risk. The Association of Bragg Spouses and the BUB Committees are not collectively or individually responsible for loss by fire, flood, theft, malicious acts, acts of war, or accidental damage.
  • The BUB reserves the right to transport and sell consigned items at any of the Association Bragg Spouses events.
  • The BUB reserves the right to list items for sale and sell items via the online store.
  • Consignors will carefully inspect each item prior to sending or delivering to the BUB. All items must be clean and in excellent condition. The BUB is not obligated to sell items that do not meet quality standards and reserves the right to refuse any items not meeting said quality standards.
  • All items are sold as is and all sales are final. Any issues including but not limited to defects that arise after the sale are strictly between the buyer and consignor.
  • There is an annual, non-refundable, consignor contract fee of $25 for the year, Jan. 1 – Dec. 31. New consignors will pay a non-refundable, pro-rated, consignor fee of $2 per month from the start date of the contract through Dec. 31st of that same year. Consignor contracts are renewed annually every January ($25) if equally agreed upon by the BUB and the consignor.
  • All consignors must have a W9 on file and updated as needed.
  • Once a consignor is approved by the BUB Committee, the Consignor Contract is signed, a W-9 is completed, and the consignor fee is paid; the consignor may: (1) mail accepted items for consignment directly to the Consignor Coordinator (2) drop off accepted items at the BUB during business hours (3) or, will plan to meet BUB Consignor Coordinator at an agreed upon location if the consignor is not a DoD ID card holder and unable to access the installation.
  • The BUB will not accept or sell items that have not been approved by the BUB Committee.
  • The BUB Consignor Coordinator will contact the consignor to request additional merchandise when inventory is low.Consignors will not send additional inventory without first consulting with the BUB Consignor Coordinator for approval.
  • The Consignor/BUB profit split is 70% to the consignor and 30% to the BUB and is based on total quarterly sales.
  • Consignors are paid at the end of every quarter via Paypal. If the consignor prefers a mailed check, the consignor must provide four (4) self-addressed stamped envelopes

             Quarter 1 - January, February, March.  Payments made in April

             Quarter 2 - April, May, June. Payments made in July.

             Quarter 3- July, August September.  Payments made in October.

             Quarter 4 - October, November, December.  Payments made in January

  • Checks not cashed within 6 months are forfeited by the consignor and void.

*Contract Expires on January 1, 2024

Questions regarding consigning at the BUB can be emailed to:  BUBCONSIGNORCOORDINATOR@GMAIL.COM

If you accept these terms, you may apply here:

© 2022  *Our organization is not endorsed by DoD or the Army and this is a non-federal entity; It is not part of the Department of Defense or any of its components and has no governmental status.

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